Fresh Food Lockers

As a municipal government micro engineering in the enterprise market wisdom is one of the main fresh delivery mode "for fresh food" has set up 700 branches in Shanghai, which in Pudong nearly a hundred years, is expected to "fresh food" will be set up over a thousand outlets in shanghai.

It is understood that, unlike the vast majority of fresh electricity supplier, fresh food line flagship fresh delivery mode, through the layout of the village in the fresh delivery cabinet, so that dishes directly into the community.

At present, the fresh food line independent research and development of fresh cabinets, including room temperature cabinets, storage cabinets and freezers. Among them, the room temperature is mainly stored in rice, oil, salt, and the preservation of vegetables storage cabinets, freezers are stored fresh ice.

Consumers only in the day before 24 in a single platform, "fresh food" will be the next morning before 9:30 or 4:30 in the afternoon, the product distribution to the community from mentioning cabinet, consumers can pick up self-help. "Fresh food" to provide 72 hours free storage period, will send text messages to remind consumers to pick up. Once more than 72 hours, it will be treated as a return, the relevant costs borne by the consumer.

Fresh food market director Gao Haifeng told reporters, subject to the company's total warehouse in Suzhou, the current network of goods in Shanghai is the daily departure from Suzhou distribution. High Haifeng revealed that the company is looking for suitable physical space in Shanghai as the main warehouse, in order to improve the efficiency of distribution, reduce distribution costs.

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