O2O laundry price increased

In 2016 of February, led by Huang Weibo, e bag wash laundry price increased by about 1/3, which broke the previous push a single loss of a single dilemma. Huang Weibo is most worried about the other competitors do not increase, the opportunity to seize the market, then drops and shook his trick car that wins the battle of wits. In fact, opponents have been tired, but also have to raise prices. By mid 2016, e bag wash canceled subsidies. Subsidies stopped, but a single volume increased, the customer price also rose." Zhang Linna memories.

At the same time, e bag wash through the investment in the downstream of the laundry industry to establish ecological. In July 2016, invested billion stake in Taiwan smart washing factory brand clothing Bei Jie, launched the "city cooperation partner" mode, to build the city Xihu intelligent plant. Prior to this, e bag wash is mainly around the district and the laundry. In the urban partner model, local city partners become shareholders, their own money to build a team, e bag wash diversion, providing brands and factories. This allows e bag wash the original team to achieve downsizing. In addition, in October 2016, e bag to invest in the conservation of luxury products in Guangzhou, the central factory renovation homes, but also began to build their own washing institute.

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