Refrigerated locker using for online shop

The coverage of Refrigerated lockers from mentioning, solve a pain point -- the last mile delivery of fresh. For consumers, the time cost and distance cost are reduced, to buy food, home cooking, what time do not delay. But the local electricity supplier, in the logistics loss will reduce many, and the cabinets from mentioning, preservation issues seems to be smoothly done or easily solved.

However, the resolution of a pain point, accompanied by the emergence of another pain point. Depending on the site of the dishes pictures, how can we have a rich experience to buy food to open their wallets? Even the kind of photos put out, will pick up the scene video release, it is difficult for consumers to rest assured. All along, the largest point of the fresh electricity supplier is also in this slot - the last hand of the goods and the Internet to see the picture compared to, as if it would mean so bad".

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