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Up to now, fresh food has been in Suzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Wuxi, four cities to establish a more than 1 thousand site, these sites are located in the middle of each city in the upscale district. According to fresh food development plan, the next 5 years, will enter the country's top 25 cities, the number of sites to break through the establishment of the 30000.

No one doubts the prospect of fresh market, but many people worry about food safety. For fresh food, food safety issues will be the biggest risk affecting business. Have a deep understanding of this question for Zhang Hongliang, but also full of confidence, because of food safety problems in internal food fresh has been as a lifeline to catch food fresh, set up their own testing center, each batch of food will be transported to after sampling, once the unqualified all button. Prior to this has indeed happened due to sampling substandard products will be deducted under the circumstances, to prove that this mechanism does play a role.

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