Henan Province will promote intelligent express parcle locker

Express parcels in the smart parcel locker, the smart locker will automatically send the recipient to extract the password, the recipient can extract the parcels by password. This is convenient for consumers, but also save the courier time.

   In Zhengzhou, express delivery of intelligent express parcel locker business has been a lot more. Zijingshan Road in Zhengzhou City and East Road intersection at an office, the company placed several smart lockers.

   Xiao Liu is home delivery courier, every day here to send express mail. Before there is no such equipment, Xiao Liu should express to send upstairs. Now, he would not have so much trouble. "Now more people than before, but the courier may encounter one or two complaints every month." Xiao Liu said. "This stuff has drawbacks, the last time there is a friend on the inside of the machine something was taken away, unsafe. Abuse to eliminate the case, will consider using." Building a businessman said. However, this does not prevent the next device to be a wider range of promotion.

   Provincial Postal Administration, the province in 2014 express business volume of 295 million, an increase of 51.6%, intelligent express parcel locker has been incorporated into the provincial government planning, the next step will be gradually in the province to promote.

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