Nanjing old district will build up the smart mailbox

Courier delivery into the district property management has often been shut out, how to solve the "last mile" delivery problems? Express companies have a huge amount of personal information, how can we add a "security lock"? Today, Jiang Bo, deputy director of Municipal Postal Administration, guest "network face to face" on a number of hot topics and users and the wind supervisors to interact.Will be large-scale promotion of colleges and universities, community courier service centerIn recent years, rapid development of the city's express delivery industry. At present, in the city of Posts and Telecommunications sector registration of the courier companies have more than 600, employing about 20,000 people. This year double "11" the same day, the city express delivery and delivery business volume reached 4.27 million, an increase of nearly 36%. But the "last mile" difficult to deliver the problem is more prominent, courier into the campus or district delivery blocked, but in the doorway, "street vendor" phenomenon has occurred.

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