intelligent locker overtime or involving infringement subject

After the double eleven, the online shopping is happy to wait for the delivery of the time of delivery. However, many shoppers are very "suck": the express service SMS tips, the parcel has been in intelligent locker easy to express, more than 4 hours to charge one yuan overtime fee. Consumers pay the logistics costs, why should pay overtime? Courier easy to sudden increase overtime fee infringement? The courier company is entitled to the package store in the third party depository and let consumers pick up? Reporter conducted a survey. Express easy additional overtime fee provoke consumers complain that live in the city of Chongqing Yubei District Yang is one of the Master hundred-percent online shopping, in the "double eleven" that day, he bought seven or eight pieces of goods, but the receipt but let Mr. Yang feel very annoyed. "The courier company not to contact me, I do not ask do not agree with, go directly to the parcel on easy to express in the cupboard; and I have to pay overtime easy delivery fee, this is not a" despot clause "?" Mr. Yang complained, "the past free time is 48 hours, now suddenly become 4 hours, the package is not the same time to arrive, I have time to get?" Mr. Yang to reporters calculations account: within 48 hours before the delivery of free delivery. Now changed to a new charge standard, the need to pay 11 yuan. "Wanted to take advantage of" double eleven "pick up a cheap discount, not to express fee and deposit fees, it is not much cheaper." Mr. Yang said. To have the same experience with Mr. Yang shoppers are not in the minority. Yu Jun, director of the Complaints Department of Chongqing city consumer protection committee told reporters, these days have been inundated with complaints, is all about easy delivery charges change overtime. Originally, courier easy intelligent cabinet installation had been many consumers against its unauthorized charges adjustment, let consumers feel their legitimate rights and interests have been infringed, mind inevitably indignation." Yu Jun said. It is understood that the Thai holding on-line in 2013 easy express courier cabinet business, through the smart express cabinet in the delivery of the last 100 meters to solve the pain points, mainly in the building of campus, community, vertical. For more than three years, express easy rapid expansion, into the 79 cities, installed more than 60 thousand sets of express cabinets, storage over 650 million parcels, becoming the largest domestic market share of the courier cabinet enterprises. Express easy to call the charge to improve the efficiency of the use of the reporter learned in the interview, courier easy to change the behavior of the charges not only lead to the consumer's opposition, but also to express their dissatisfaction. However, the courier easy aspects responded that the increase in charges to improve the efficiency of use. Courier Zhang told reporters that they will be wrapped into the easy express cabinet, will be subject to a certain amount of the fee out of the box. "The standard is 0.6 yuan / box, box 0.5 yuan / month, 0.4 yuan / box." Zhang said that they also use the courier easy to recharge and settlement of the client. Because many consumers on the courier easy to change charges do not buy it, they had to return to the courier easy intelligent cabinet, the package taken out and then to consumers, but also by the consumer complaints and complaints. "Double eleven" we are tired to death, and now we have to receive more than a dozen telephone complaints every day, the heart is really angry." Zhang said, "we have to pay the fee out of the box courier easy, they pay overtime fee to the recipient, it ends up feeling very uncomfortable." A face of frustration and dissatisfaction. To change the charging standard of the decision, easy express Chongqing branch leader Yang Tiancheng said in an interview with reporters, they are the starting point and overtime fees issued new regulations, in order to improve the use of the cabinet is double eleven period rate, remind shoppers as soon as possible to take part, in order to reduce the burden of work a mailman. Why did not give consumers the right to choose whether to use the new express easy intelligent cabinet, easy to express through the public, explained that "in the implementation of a new deal before, had already arranged staff advance to each cell delivery device is easy to post the announcement", "consumers can be fed back to pickup through the terminal function of complaints when necessary, you can choose to cancel the courier easy service". But for this explanation, some consumers are still questioning: unilateral post notice can change the standard fee? Consumers receive the object is the courier company, why should use the courier easy terminal feedback and complaints? Courier companies and courier easy or are involved in the infringement courier easy to suddenly raise charges in the end there is no infringement of the legitimate rights and interests of consumers? Express parcel delivery service contract will be easy to express such third parties have no problem? In order to give consumers a satisfactory answer, the reporter interviewed the relevant experts and departments. Beijing Rongde lawyer Yu Xuejun said, similar to the third party express courier to this register, even with the existence of a property related cooperation agreements, but without changing the behavior of the charge standard also alleged breach of contract, the owner can owners voted to dismantle its cabinet, or prosecute. For courier easy to have the right to express in circulation, its existence is legitimate, as the postal administration supervision department of the logistics industry should be how to do to the regulatory responsibility and other issues, said the Chongqing postal administration, courier easy to change charges, is the market behavior of its own, but also hope that the operators in the management some important market strategy, to fully respect the consumer's right to choose, and form a good cooperation with courier companies. There are consumers said,


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