Indian laundry startup has secured a $ 100,000 round-the-clock finan

Pickmylaundry, an Indian laundry startup, announced it has secured a $ 100,000 round-the-clock financing round with investors including FMCG executives Kedar Lele and GHV Accelerator, as well as a pair of angel investment couples 30 Million investment commitment. According to the China Venture Capital Times, Pickmylaundry will use new funds to expand its operations in the NCR region and to seek new business opportunities in other cities. It is understood that Pickmylaundry will also open a physical store, reducing logistics costs of the last kilometer, the current Pickmylaundry each order about 100 rupees. Pickmylaundry founder Gaurav Agarwal said: "We will also launch a 24-hour delivery service and supper service." According to the venture capital project database data, Pickmylaundry by Gaurav Agarwal, Ankur Jain, Samar Sisodia co-founded in 2015, headquartered in India ancient Is an on-demand laundry start-up, after Pickmylaundry also received a $ 100,000 seed round of financing, the investor is headquartered in Gurgaon, president of GHV accelerator Anurag Kapoor.Pickmylaundry use of mobile technology to provide quality

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