O2O laundry need to mention the smart locker

The 21st century is the era of rapid development of the Internet, more and more entrepreneurs into the Internet industry, for a time the Internet, Internet +, O2O and other words swept the streets, the Internet industry leaders have vowed to subvert the traditional industries , Beat the traditional industry. O2O Ye Hao, the Internet Ye Hao, but also only a synonym for means to achieve it, do not be glossy by the glossy surface of the words blinded, we must know what we really want for the enterprise, so O2O laundry landing floor for the laundry industry The purpose is nothing more than to increase the actual order volume, improve production management, increase customer loyalty, reduce the cost of amortization, improve customer satisfaction, etc., just the laundry industry from the "Internet +" point of view can really achieve the above objectives. Common purpose, different directions, look at the problem is different. O2O Washing in the end how to do? Mourou wash What has its own unique views, MUnuo wash what MU Qianuo laundry predecessor, in October 2014 changed its name to MUONO wash what, in June 2015 formally launched Put into use, in April 2016 MUENO wash What broke the Internet platform mode, in the direction of a major decision - shop, opened within a month 10 with the Internet characteristics of the laundry, the same year 6 Month System 2.0 upgrade is complete. And other Internet platform is different in 2016, Munro wash what 30 million in financing and did not start burning-free single-mode, other O2O laundry subsidy users, Munoz washing what subsidy stores. Moore wash what the founder Wei Xiaoyi told us that in the beginning of the Internet laundry, we continue to develop new users to burn a single free of charge, the focus of the laundry on the price and convenience planning, but ignored the laundry itself should be Some degree of cleanliness. Each industry has its particularity in the laundry industry is particularly evident and special, the people pay more attention to the quality of their washing, in order to retain new customers, cultivate customer loyalty, laundry quality bear the brunt. The MUENO wash what spend 30 million subsidy stores, single-store subsidies up to 240,000, let the new store no worries, concentrate on doing laundry quality, and unified franchise all prices and service standards, so that the real Become the Internet with the characteristics of the people can see the tangible laundry. MUONO · Wash the Guardian has always stressed that the Internet industry is not to subvert the traditional industries or to beat the traditional industries, but through the Internet model to optimize the integration of our traditional industries, the traditional laundry + Internet is to truly meet the social needs of all Internet companies only grounding grounding gas development is the long-term survival of the enterprise. O2O laundry need the smart lockers.


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