Wireless movable control switch   CN 202275507 U  

RFID (radio frequency identification) location folder CN 202293789 U

Long-distance temperature measurement system of refrigerating equipment CN 202534138 U

RFID based feeder management system CN 202854870 U

Hard disk radio identification system CN 202523070 U

Lock tongue control system of electronic lock CN 202755757 U

Electronic lock system utilizing bar code CN 203070401 U

Electronic lock with light sensing function CN 203038348 U

CF (Compact Flash) card with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tag CN 203150131 U

Electronic lock with ultrasonic modules CN 203334820 U

Use bluetooth to realize panel computer of identification CN 204536984 U

Electrostatic detection device CN 203365597 U

Logistics address information receipts CN 103434299 A

Intelligent express box with power generation device CN 204336573 U

Tablet computer achieving identity recognition through WIFI CN 203287843 U

Intelligent express mail case of tape font code CN 204713689 U

Detect RFID label that electrical apparatus used CN 204695320 U

Active RFID tag using alternating current CN 203520428 U

Active RFID tag with solid-state switch CN 203520442 U

Electronic lock with mini USB (universal serial bus) interface CN 203640428 U

Electronic lock CN 204040675 U

Intelligent express box with refrigerating function CN 204044930 U

Intelligent express box for mailing service CN 204331915 U

Smart express cabinet with surface acoustic wave-type touch screen CN 204117285 U

Intelligent express cabinet with capacitive touch screen CN 204189152 U

A system utilizing an intelligent express case to wash textiles CN 204256503 U

Intelligent express mail box with cell capable of adjusting size CN 204406545 U

Intelligent fast freight box using HDMI interface display screen CN 204390362 U

Intelligent express box with film material CN 204423521 U

Intelligent express box with heating module CN 204423522 U

Take circular connector's intelligent express mail case CN 204537326 U

Assembling type intelligent express box CN 204423523 U

Intelligent express box with infrared detecting function CN 204423524 U

Intelligent express cabinet with extensible modules CN 204440560 U

Automatic intelligent express mail case of illumination CN 204541679 U

Smart express box with waterproof keyboard CN 204440561 U

Intelligent express box with encrypting keyboard CN 204440562 U

Lighting and detecting integration intelligent express box CN 204463306 U

Intelligent express item box using bus technique CN 204463307 U

Take dial switch's intelligent express mail case CN 204632002 U

intelligent express mail case system of voiced ripples payment module CN 204667548 U

Take intelligent express mail case of ultraviolet module CN 204667549 U

A system for the distribution of multiple compressor preservation of fresh refrigerated cabinet CN 204923630 U

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